How to add new team person?

To add new person to your teams, go to Team ➜ Add New Person in the leftside wordpress menu. You will get a page for adding the new person. Here you can define:

it is a person’s title, which is used intern only for wordpress admin, for example in persons list

Text Editor

here you can enter some brief description or some quoted text concerning your person. This text will be displayed in one of team styles

In  Person Settings you define the visible public settings, which will be displayed in person’s information on the website:

  • Name: Person’s name
  • Position: Position of person in your team / company
  • Phone: telephone number for direct contact
  • Email: email address for direct contact. If you don’t want to display the email directly onyour webpage, you can hide it by choosing “Hide Email option – in this case instead of emailaddress the link to contact will be displayed
  • Link: here you can link your team person
  • Social Profiles: here you can enter links to person’s social profiles

Assigning To Team

To add new team use  Team ➜ Teams in the leftside wordpress menu. Sets are teams. Here you candefine following data:


team’s name. Is used for team’s widget, where you can select teams to be displayed


slug is used in team shortcode, so be sure to fill this field properly with URL-friendly version of the
team’s name


brief description of the team, is used only intern

After you are finished with filling the team’s data click on  “Add New Set” and you are done – your new team will appear in the list of available teams in the right table.