Image Loading

Image Loading Optimizations

If enabled, all images on a webpage will start loading only by nearing the desktop device viewport (lazy loading). In this way, by loading your webpage, all images below the fold (which are not immediately displayed for user) are physically not loaded. The images below the fold start loading by scrolling down the page. Here you can select the lazy loading method or disable lazy loading for images:

  • JS Lazy Loading: lazy loading uses JavaScript to detect elements in the viewport and lazy load them. You can manually specify the threshold
  • Native Lazy Loading: lazy loading uses browser to detect elements in the viewport and lazy load them. Browser intelligently calculates the threshold

Caching & Minifying

Here you can activate the "One-Click Optimization" feature. Learn more about the "one-click optimization" in this chapter.

Font Preload

In some cases Google Pagespeed recommends to use `<link rel=preload>` to prioritize fetching self-hosted fonts that are currently requested later in page load. Preloading such requests can make your pages load faster. If the pagespeed testing of your pages shows such recommendation (check screenshot), enable “Font Preload” option and then the preload of the fonts recommended in pagespeed results. Learn more