What are Page Options?

TheGem extends the WordPress edit page for single posts, pages and products by its own application (custom metabox), which contains different page/post-specific settings. This block of settings is hereinafter referred to in the documentation as "Page Options". It allows to override the global settings made in Theme Options on the page/post-specific basis. In this way pages and posts can be individually customized - differently than the whole website.  

TheGem's page options can be found on each page/post in edit mode under the main page builder content box:

TheGem's page options allow you to control following settings on page/post level:

  • Menu & Header
  • Title Area
  • Content Area & Sidebar
  • Footer
  • Onepager & Fullpage Scroller
  • Extra Settings
  • Custom Fields
  • Popups 

Simply put, with page options you can change the default look of your post/page (set in Theme Options): for example you can remove page header and title area on selected page, not affecting all other pages.