What Is Dynamic Content?

TheGem expands the limitations of building static content pages by introducing the “Dynamic Content” set of features and tools. This allows you to build personalized posts/pages/products, templates and CPTs by populating different content parts dynamically from various personalized sources like post title, excerpt, meta, custom fields and many more.

In TheGem Dynamic Content is a collection of multiple tools for creating personalized user experience. These tools (explained in detail below) help you to replace static content in content elements and layouts with personalized content from various WordPress sources. Some basic examples of the dynamic content application:

  • you can replace the static Heading of your article with the content from post’s title
  • you can fill the section/column in your article with the background image coming from the post’s featured image
  • you can add the text block with the content of post’s excerpt
  • you can display content of ACF and Toolset custom fields with post’s personalized values (for example: show individual product’s youtube video in custom tab on product page)
  • you can insert dynamic text fragments in post/page headings/text
  • you can add dynamic archive listings and grids with extended filters including custom fields

The best part of dynamic content is its application in TheGem Templates Builder. You can create templates for archives, posts, pages, products and CPTs including dynamic content and apply this templates globally. In this way you strictly separate the post/page design and its personalized content. The design is managed via templates builder globally, the content is managed individually per post/page.

Here are some examples of using dynamic content with TheGem:

Single portfolio page with custom fields:





Listings with custom fields:


Single blog post with dynamic meta: