To add some button anywhere in your content, use  „Button“ element:

Here you have following options:

Button Text: type in the text, which should appear on your button

URL (Link): define the link for your button

Position: define position and alignment of this button

Style: TheGem buttons incluide two basic styles – flat (solid filling) and outline (ghost like)

Size: select the size for your buttonText weight: font weight for the button text

No uppercase: by checking this checkbox you disable uppercase letter styling for button text

Border radius: define the radius for rounded corners of the button

Text Color: Select the font color of the button’s text

Hover Text Color: Select the hover font color of the button’s text

Background Color: select the background color fill for the button

Hover Background Color: select the background color fill for the button in hover state

Separator Style: this option gives you a possibility to enable line separator to the left and to the right of the button

Icon pack: if you wish to use some icon in your button, here you can define the icon pack, where you wish to choose your icon

Icon: here you can choose an icon from the font icon set you have selected in „Icon Pack". Just click on "Show icon codes", select and copy the code of the icon you wish to insert and paste this code here

Icon Position: where to position the chose icon – to the left or to the right of the button’s text Choose the main font color of your title icon here

Lazy Loading enabled: here you can enable a lazy loading animation for your button