Styled Galleries

See detailed description of galleries in Chapter Galleries.

TheGem has a number of different gallery types which you can use to display your images in content by inserting a Gallery element:

Gallery: here you can select a gallery to display, which you have created under „Galleries“ in your wp admin

Gallery type: Here you can select the type of your gallery. You can choose between:

  • Slider – gallery in form of slider with thumbnail bar below
  • Grid – gallery in form of classic grid

Depending on which gallery type you have selected you have different options.

For Grid Galleries:

Layout: choose the layout of your grid gallery

Style: For grid galleries: choose the style of your grid here

Gaps size (px): Here you can set a gaps size between images in your grid gallery. Set „0“ for no gaps.

Hover type: select the onhover style here

Border style: choose the style of image borders in your grid views.

See Demo Of Different Border Styles

Title: If you would like to insert the title to your gallery, use this field and enter your gallery’s title.

Loading Animation: set the loading animation for your gallery items (images).

For Slider Galleries:

Layout: choose the layout of your slider gallery Fullwidth means, your main image in the slider gallery will be wider in proportions; half-size is meant to be used on pages with sidebars andcolumns, here is the proportion of the main image in slider more quadratic

Disable thumbnails bar : with this option you can hide the tumbnails bar displayed below the main image in the slider gallery. If disabled you can then choose if you wish to enable a pagination or not

Autoscroll : here you can set an autoscroll speed for your gallery slider (in milliseconds). Leave empty if you wish to disable autoscroll