Single Post Specific Elements

As already mentioned, you can add any content elements available in page builder to your single post template. However, the mostly used elements are post specific elements like post featured image, post title etc. which content is populated dynamically from the post data. Here we will describe briefly single post specific elements.

Post Title

This element displays post title.

You can adjust alignment and use different text style presets and adjust typography.

Post Excerpt

This element shows post excerpt. Post excerpt can be specified here:

You can adjust alignment and use different text style presets and adjust typography.

With this element you can add featured image of the post.

You can specify the size of the image, its alignment, choose between 12 image styles.

NOTE: you can also insert the post featured image as a background in your row/section or column. To do this, please proceed as follows:


Go to “Design Options” in a row / column and activate “Use post featured image as background”


Go to “Style” tab – Background, select Dynamic Tags and then “Page/Post Featured Image”

Post Gallery

Post gallery element helps you to display the image gallery from the respective post. You can add images to the post gallery using the “Post Gallery” meta box while editing this post in WordPress dashboard:

Displays the featured content of the post. Post’s featured content can be specified in Page Options-> Post Format:

Post Breadcrumbs

Adds blog post breadcrumbs to single post template.

Post Content

This element adds post’s content in single post template.

Post Meta

With this element you can add following post meta elements in single post template:

  • Categories
  • Author
  • Date
  • Time
  • Likes
  • Comments

This elements can be added/disabed using the repeater in the front-end editor:



Depending on the type of the selected element, additional options of this element will be displayed in repeater.

You can choose between two design skins / styles of the post info elements: classic and modern.You can also specify how to display the elements: horizontally in one line or vertically.In “Style” tab you can make additional styling adjustments for different post info elements.

Post Tags

This elements adds post tags to the single post template.

Post Navigation

Adds the “prev”, “next” post navigation to the single post template. You can specify alignment, labels, post titles, arrows etc.

Author Box

This elements displays author box in single post template.

Post Comments

This element displays post comments. You can adjust many styling options to create a unique look of the comments section of your single post template.

To add related posts to your single post template you can use any of TheGem’s blog elements:

  • Posts Extended Grid
  • Posts Carousel
  • Blog List (Elementor) / Blog (WPBakery)
  • Blog Slider

After adding any of this content elements to your single post template, the post source selection will be automatically set to “Related Posts”. You can then specify whether it should be realated by category, by tags, by author.



Custom Fields / ACF/ Toolset

Using custom fields it is possible to add different type of content fields per post/page basis and personalize these fields with post/page individual values. TheGem comes with its own custom fields feature and is compatible with ACF (advanced custom fields) and Toolset plugins.
Using the “ Custom Fields” content element you can display the current post's custom fields.
Learn more about “ Custom Fields” in the chapter “ Dynamic Content

Dynamic Tags (Elementor)

Dynamic Tags help you to display customized data based on various sources in any content widget. For example you can display the post title using “Animated Heading” widget. Or you can show post featured image as a section/column background.
To learn more about dynamic tags and their versatile application check the chapter  “Dynamic Tags”