Title Area

Title area includes post/page title, excerpt and breadcrumbs.


  • Regular Title: the layout & style of title area is controlled via theme options below

  • Title Template: in TheGem you can create any layouts/templates for your title area using page builder. You can create this templates in “Templates Builder -> Title Area” menu option in your WordPress admin and then select it in the “Select Title Template”. Learn more about the title area templates in chapter Title Area Builder

In case of selecting “Title Template” for your Title Area you have then an option to embed additional styling options in the selected custom title dynamically. By activating “Dynamic Settings” option you get additional settings for title & excerpt colors as well as for title area background, which will be applied to the selected custom title automatically.

Additionally, in “General” section of “Title Area” settings you can set up breadcrumbs.

Style & Alignment

In this settings section you can control different layout & style settings of the regular title.


Here you can specify the background type for title area.