Default Page Templates

TheGem includes two default page layout templates, used depending on whether you wish to include a sidebar on your page or to make your page full width: 

  • TheGem Full Width
  • TheGem Boxed

Note: WPBakery version of TheGem includes only one "Default Template" equal to TheGem Boxed template in TheGem Elementor 

TheGem Full Width Template

By default, when adding new page, post or portfolio item, TheGem Full Width template is used. 

This means, that your page content is located in a body page container and appears automatically over the whole section width (for content width options check this article) and is not limited by a sidebar. By selecting different content width settings in section you can specify, if your content should stay within the main body container (Boxed) or if it should be stretched to full width of the page (Full Width).

In this template, any sidebar is excluded, so it doesn’t matter if you have selected a sidebar in page options or not – the sidebar will not be displayed.

TheGem Boxed Template

This template always keeps page content inside the body page container, no matter whether you choose “Boxed” or “Full Width” content width in section settings. TheGem Boxed template should be used in case you wish to include a sidebar on your page. This template enables you to select left or right sidebar in page options and display it on page correspondingly.

NOTE: If used without any sidebar, this template behaves in the similar way, as TheGem Full Width template, however here your page content automatically stretches over the available content width via a javascript. That’s why If you don’t plan to include any sidebar on your page, we recommend to use TheGem Full Width template.

You can select “TheGem Boxed” layout template in page attributes selectbox

or directly in Elementor

There are also Elementor’s own templates, which are available: Elementor Full Width and Elementor Canvas

Elementor Canvas

This template removes your page’s header, page title area, footer and sidebars. This is great for creating specific pages inside your website, pages such as: landing pages, coming soon pages, maintenance mode pages etc. Please note: you can also disable your page’s header and footer in page options, still using TheGem Full Width template.

Elementor Full Width

This is an Elementor’s own full width template, which overrides TheGem theme’s page templates. We do not recommend to use this template, as its default settings (for example gaps) does not meet TheGem’s settings.