How To Add Custom Fields?

TheGem comes with its own built-in Custom Fields feature and supports popular plugins like Advanced Custom Fields and Toolset.

Custom Fields (TheGem)

In TheGem’s Theme Options you can add custom fields for each post type as follows:


Go to Theme Options -> Single Pages and select the post type where you wish to add your custom fields. In our example it is “Post”


Scroll down to the “Custom Fields” section


Enable custom fields in “Add Custom Fields”

Now you can add your first custom field.

  • Label: This is the field label which will appear in post`s Page Options → Custom Fields
  • Field Type: Select between “text”, “number” or “link” field type. Fields with “number” type can then be automatically formatted using WP Locale or custom locale specified in “Custom Fields” element.
  • Name (Meta Key): This is the field name (meta key).
  • Default Value: Appears when creating a new post
  • Apply on All: In case you wish to apply the default value changes to all existing posts

You can add multiple custom fields by clicking on “Add Field” button.

After saving your custom fields in Theme Options:


Go to edit any post


Scroll down to “Page Options”


Click on “Custom Fields” section

Here you see the custom fields added in Theme Options and now you can fill these fields with the respective personalized values.

Note: the values for the “number” fields should be entered without thousands separator; for decimals use (.), e.g. instead of writing 9.999.999,99 write 9999999.99. This is important for automatically applying the WP Locale for number formatting when displaying these numbers using “Custom Fields” element (see chapter “How to display custom fields?” below) or for displaying the number range filter in grids (see chapter “Posts Extended Grid” below).

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Plugin

Alternatively, you can use Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin for adding custom fields.

You can download this plugin here: or install it via your WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins

You can find the detailed documentation on how to create custom fields in ACF plugin by following these links:

Toolset Plugin

Another way of adding the custom fields to your posts/pages is to use Toolbox plugin.Toolset is a premium plugin and can be purchased here

You can learn how to use Toolset using this link