You can find all the sidebar widgets in the Page Widgets section:

All these widgets can be easily added to your page/post sidebars via drag'n'drop or by clicking on "Add Widget" button:

The settings of the sidebar widgets added to the respective sidebar can then be edited by clicking on the "arrow" button and opening the widgets settings:

Below you will find the list of TheGem's own sidebar widgets.

Global Section

This sidebar widget helps to add a global section template to a sidebar. You can create global section templates in Templates Builder - Global Section. Learn more about global sections in this chapter.


Text is a simplified TinyMCE editor you can use to highlight some brief facts / information for you page article.


Picturebox is like an image infobox for your page. With this widget you can insert an image in your sidebar by selecting it from the media library or uploading it from your desktop – with own title, own description and own link.

Project Info / Contact Info

This sidebar widget is especially useful for project pages, contact pages or any pages, where you wish to emphasize some brief facts using separate fields with nice icons.

There are two design styles of this widget you can choose from. This widget consists of ten fields. In each field you can define:

  • Field’s title: like a label of your field Field’s
  • Value: values for this label
  • Field’s Icon:  icon for this label. To define the desired icon just click on “Show Icon Codes”, find the icon you need, copy the icon code and paste it in this field.

Project Grid

This widget is useful for displaying your portfolio works in a compact form in page sidebar. Just enter the title of this widget (for example „Latest Works“), select portfolios (sets) to be displayed anddefine number of rows to be shown.

Easy way to display a slider with some selected gallery in page sidebar. You can select one or more galleries and define autoscroll speed in milliseconds.

Submenu widget builds automatically the submenu navigation on your page depending on the position of your page inside the website structure. In the widget settings you can select the menu, for which the submenu should be built.


If you wish to show your team persons in the sidebar on some pages, use this widget. Just select one or multiple team sets by clicking on checkboxes. If you have several persons in the set, they will be shown on the page with a fading in / fading out effects. You can define autoscroll speed in milliseconds. For details concerning the adding and grouping your team members see chapter Team.


Just like team members, you can show testimonials of your customers in the page sidebar. Just select one or multiple testimonial sets by clicking on checkboxes. If you have several testimonials in the set, they will be shown on the page with a fading in / fading out effects. In TheGem there are two different styles of displaying testimonials in sidebar; you can choose between them in selectbox “Style”. Also you can define autoscroll speed in milliseconds.


Diagrams are essential for demonstrating any kind of skills, developments, shares & ratios. TheGem has a built-in widget for displaying two different kinds of diagrams: bars & circles. Bar diagrams are animated and circle diagrams are interactive on mouse-over:

  • Type: here you choose what kind of diagram you would like to show – lines/bars or circles.
  • Skills: in this block you define one digram’s value, its label and color.
  • Add Skill: in order to add one more value to your diagram click on “Add Skill” and fill in the appropriate fields.


Using this widget you can display a photostream from Flickr in the page sidebar. In order to activate the photostream you should enter the flickr ID of the corresponding profile (you can find out your flickr ID here: HTTP://IDGETTR.COM/ You can also define the number of images you would like to show in this widget – by setting them in the field Items


To add facebook plugin in your sidebar, use this widget. Just type the URL of your facebook profile page and you are done.


Display your recent tweets in the page sidebar. To enable this widget you should first create your twitter app for your website here


After creating and enablng your twitter app, type the following values in the widget settings to activate this widget: Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, Access Token Secret, Twitter ID.

In the field Number of Tweets you can define the number of recent tweets you’d like to show in your sidebar.

Show your recent or most popular blog posts in the sidebar – just select the number of posts to be shown in the widget box.

Custom Menu

Create your custom navigation menu in your sidebar. Like in Submenu widget you should only choose the menu which you have created under Appearance ➜ Menus


Display your contact information you have defined in theme options


Display social icons with links to your social profiles. Your social profiles you can define in „Theme Options“→„Contacts & Socials“

Mailchimp Signup

Adds the newsletter signup form to your sidebar.