How to change layout settings for portfolio pages?

You can individually adjust following layout settings for portfolio pages to look different compared to the other pages/posts of your website:

  • Menu & Header
  • Title Area
  • Content & Sidebar
  • Footer

How To Change The Layout Settings For All Portfolio Pages At Once?

1. Go to “Theme Options -> Single Pages -> Portfolio Page”

2. Here you see the sections with layout settings

3. Activate the respective section where you wish to individually adjust the layout settings

4. If you wish to apply this settings on all existing portfolio pages which have individual settings set via page options use “Apply on All Existing Portfolio Pages” button

How To Change The Layout Settings Only For One Portfolio Page?

While editing the portfolio page in WordPress admin, scroll down to the Page Options. Here you see the sections with the layout settings. By default all fields in these sections have a “Default Settings (Theme Options)” value activated. This means that the respective settings are inherited from theme options. By changing these settings to “Custom Settings” you can then individually adjust the corresponding setting only for the current portfolio page.

Learn more about how to use page options in “Page Options” chapter.