TheGem Theme Translation

1. Navigate to "Settings > General > Site Language" to modify the default language for all visitors on your website. Changing this setting will update the language displayed to users.

2. Navigate Dashboard > Loco Translate and select the “Themes” sub section.

Here you will see a list of languages that already have translations. If the language you need is already in the list, just click on it to proceed with editing, If the desired language is not available in the list, click on "New language " to add it.
Select the language you need, put checkbox in the System field:

and click Start translating.
3. Once you access the editor screen, you will find all the strings defined in the theme's template file. Untranslated strings will be displayed in bold blue. Initially, all of them will be untranslated.

For example, you need to change the phrase "Leave a comment." By using the text filter at the top of the editor, you can swiftly locate this phrase and select it from the list. Then, in the bottom panel, enter the text "Einen Kommentar hinterlassen" as your translation:

The string at the top now displays a star icon, indicating that our modifications have not been saved yet.
Please note: After updating the theme before , click the " Sync" button. before translation.

When you are finished with your translation, click the Save icon.