How to Import Demo Sliders

In case you have selected “Import demo sliders” during the demo website import, all necessary demo sliders will be automatically imported so you do not need to do anything else. However, if you wish to import some sliders manually, you can proceed in following way:


Go to  „Revolution Slider“ section in your wp admin


On the dashboard screen click on  „Import Slider“ option


Choose the slider you wish to import from your HDD. Browse to the unzipped TheGem folder, you will find here  „Demo_Sliders“ subfolder. Here you can see all sliders used in our demo pages. The sliders have the same names as the corresponding demo pages. I.e.

if you wish to import the slider used on „Business 02“ page, select „“.


Click on  „Import Slider“ and wait for while until the slider will be imported.