Here you can enable separate settings for all pages, which will override global website settings (tier 1) and will apply only on pages (tier 2). All options listed here will be reflected in all your pages unless you specify different settings in single page options (tier 3).

By default, this separate page settings will be applied on all new pages. However, using “Apply on all existing pages” button in each of the settings sections you can apply this settings on all existing pages, which have been created earlier.

Note: by applying on existing pages all current settings of this pages will be overwritten.

Content Layout

In this section you can specify the content layout settings for pages using the "Layout Source" control. This defines the general layout for the content part of the page, i.e. the area between the header/title area and footer.

Layout Source

TheGem includes built-in settings for content layout of pages as well as templates builder, allowing you to create page templates with page builder. Here you can specify, which type of content layout settings to use globally across your pages.

Menu & Header

Settings to control menu & header of pages. Learn more about the "Menu & Header" settings.

Title Area

Settings to control title area of pages. Learn more about the "Title Area" settings.

Content Area & Sidebar

Settings to control main content area & sidebars of pages. Learn more about the "Content Area & Sidebar" settings.


Settings to control footer of pages. Learn more about the "Footer" settings.

Custom Fields

Here you can add custom fields to be used in pages. Learn more about custom fields.