Settings to control the appearance of product on product pages (content part of the product page).

Global Settings

All settings you are making for a product here in Theme Options are automatically applied on all new products or products which inherit its settings from Theme Options. By using “Apply on all existing products” you can apply this settings also on all existing products with individual settings made via Page Options. 

Layout & Style

Here you can adjust layout & style settings for product appearance on product page.

Note: general layout settings like header, title area and footer can be controlled globally via “General”, “Menu & Header”, “Title Area” and “Footer” section in Theme Options. Alternatively this settings can be adjusted only for single product pages via “Single Pages -> Product Page” section in Theme Options or only for one certain product via Page Options of this product.

Layout Source

TheGem includes built-in settings for content layout of products as well as templates builder, allowing you to create single product templates with page builder. Here you can specify, which type of content layout settings to use globally across your blog posts.

Product Gallery

Various settings for product gallery on product page (in case "Built-In Layouts" selected as "Layout Source").

Description & Reviews

Settings for appearance of description & reviews section on product page (in case "Built-In Layouts" selected as "Layout Source").


Here you can control the appearance of all other elements on product page (in case "Built-In Layouts" selected as "Layout Source").

Additional Tabs

By default WooCommerce includes three standard content tabs for the product page:

  • Description
  • Additional Information
  • Reviews

TheGem allows you to add additional custom tabs to the products and populate them with different content sources. Learn more about how to add and setup additional custom tabs.